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Our mission

We supercharge your productions

Spellbinder brings together only the best people, kit and technology to create beautiful cinematic video content. Content you will love. We will do this in the most accessible and sustainable way.

Our ethos

Pushing boundaries

With a background both sides of the lens and a PhD in film Ben, our founder, launched Spellbinder in 2017 to create premium video and live content. Our ethos is to push boundaries, maximise production value and client goals. We provide a personal service, working together with clients in an honest, transparent and real way.

Brands we’ve created for

  • Google logo

We carefully considered every detail of our ethos and focused it around our brand values.

Our brand values

Our logo

Meet the Spellbinder logo

Two play buttons are interlinked to form the 'S' of Spellbinder. Our logo is a clear symbol of what we stand for. Connection. Creativity. Play beautiful content.

“Connect with us so we can transform your message into beautiful video or live content”.

Let us spellbind your audience.