Equality and Diversity

We aim to be an inclusive and accessible company that authentically represents and promotes the representation of people from diverse backgrounds.

We are making a business commitment that our video and live productions are ethical, inclusive and developed with an appreciation for equity and diversity.

Our equality and diversity policy at Spellbinder Productions is based on but not limited to the following commitments:

  • We believe everyone has an equality of opportunity
  • Our productions and services must represent the diversity of our society
  • Our productions will reflect and uphold anti-racism and social injustice
  • We want to create a culture of belonging within our company
  • We must ensure that our products and services focus on inclusion of people who experience historical and contemporary marginalisation, distorted representation, and exclusion.
  • We will review and reflect upon our policy and its application regularly.


Creating content both as partner and sub-contractor with global organisations and brands means that we have a responsibility to aim for the highest professional standards and align ourselves with these. But much more than this, we share these values. We will do everything we can to enable them to be realised and communicated through our brand, and the content and media that we create. Content must be culturally applicable for wherever the audience is situated. That means understanding and assessing our own cultural bias and reflecting on and researching these matters with great care and attention. 

As a business, our long-term goal is to have a positive impact to equity and diversity in our industry and better fulfil our partners and clients’ needs. Ultimately becoming agents for positive change ourselves.