Sustainable video

We care about the environment and the world around us

As a business, we are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact and being as ‘green’ as we can be. It is at the forefront of our day-to-day work and we encourage everyone who works with us to do the same. However large or small, every business has a part to play.

Our Policy

  1. Recycle all potential recyclables with Veolia
  2. Reduce paper waste
  3. Reduce plastic waste
  4. Use only new low emissions vehicles
  5. Use only LED lighting
  6. Turn lights off when not in use
  7. Leverage remote working when possible
  8. Ban all single-use plastic bottles on set
  9. Use renewable energy suppliers as soon as possible
  10. Review this policy annually

Offsetting our carbon footprint

Our Commitment

Thanks to Ecologi we are now a climate positive workforce. This is achieved by Spellbinder funding 10 trees planted every month. Environmental offsetting through planting trees is an effective long-term approach to managing the impact of business activities on the environment. We are also committed to sourcing renewable energy power supply as we continue to grow.

"We will continue to make climate positive business choices"

See our company forest here